AX-S13GAiX 13” Automatic Slicer with Variable Speed


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Product Description:

    •Sharpener assembly made entirely from aluminum, no plastic presence that may break with heavy use.
    •One piece, chromium plated 100Cr6 forged carbon steel blade.
    •Slide shaft made of ground, chromed steel for a smoother operation.
    •High-quality bushings and ball bearings are self-lubricating.
    •Dial thickness control cam system allows for an always precise cut.
    •A safety cover is placed under the motor and the electrical components.
    •The carriage features an exclusive heavy duty plastic protection to keep operator’s hand at a safe distance from the blade while operating the slicer.
    •Permanently-mounted knife ring guard covers the non-cutting side of the blade.
    •Overload and no volt release protection
    •Easy to clean aluminum alloy construction does not crack or stain.
    •Screws are stainless steel and resist wear and oxidation.
    •Carriage and the center plate are quickly removable without tools.
    •Built-in, removable, two stone dual action blade sharpener.


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