IC-514S Half Size Electric Countertop Convection Oven

IKON IC-Series countertop convection ovens utilize convection to circulate hot air evenly throughout the cooking chamber to always ensure consistent cooking and baking results and even browning of all your dishes. These ovens feature quick preheat times to allow you to cook faster.
All models are equipped with precise temperature controls that can be set
to the desired cooking temperatures very accurately for various recipes.
Built to accommodate four shelves allows you to cook multiple dishes
simultaneously. Operators must remember however to leave some air space to flow for necessary circulation between trays.

IKON IC convection ovens are built to last, the strongest door system with heavy-duty materials throughout the construction. This will ensure longevity and total reliability. Perfect for small batches of baked goods, snack foods, hors d’oeuvres, pizzas, cookies, brownies, etc. Fully adjustable heat settings from 150-550F. Cool touch dual-pane glass door keeps the heat inside. ETL-Safety and ETL-Sanitation Listed.

For half size pans of 13”x18” on four (4) shelves on wire racks inside oven. When connected to a ¾” water line, the built-in steam injection system shall provide humidity for crispiness when baking breads. A green push button that adds a burst of steam inside chamber while cooking. EXCLUSIVE: Only this model incorporates a BROIL function for melting cheese and crisping baked goods quickly. When the BROIL function is used, the rear element is shut off; and the upper element heats to broil. 208/240V, 2800W, 2.3 Cu. Ft. NEMA 6-20P.

IKON is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of commercial cooking equipment. IKON supplies the best products at the best price with the best service possible.