• Strong & Durable Cabinet FinishHeavy duty stainless steel finished top.
    Exterior: SS430 , Interior: SS445NF, Door: Solid (urethane) + Pair glass.
  • Insulated PE coated sturdy wire shelves
  • High Density Polyurethane Insulation Foamed in place high density polyurethane insulation used throughout the cabinet
  • User Friendly Features
    -Side mount compressor provides space-efficient
    front breathing system
    -Automatic evaporation & defrost system
    -Transparent glass door for clear product display
    -Cabinet design to accommodate for all types of cans and bottles
    -Sturdy and easy grip handles and doors that open effortlessly
    -Magnetic door gasket provides ease of removal for cleaning or replacement
  • Effcient and Economical Work Space for Tight Work place
  • Enhanced Airflow Hold Product Temperature 32°F~41°F (0°C~5°C)
  • Modern Shaped Glass Door,
    -Energy saving LED lights
    -Transparent glass door for excellent product display
  • Available with 3”,4” or 5” diameter casters
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