SRTG Electric Thermostat Griddle

Sierra Griddles feature all-stainless steel construction, the SRTG Series has a powerful Sierra electric griddles are designed to be reliable, efficient and accurate. Each 12" section has its own independent temperature control providing even cooking of a variety of products at the same time.

-Operates on 208/240V/50/60Hz (See specs on next page), 50/60Hz Per 12 section of griddle, 3kW at 208V; 4kW at 240V
- 1" thick cooking surface
- Temperature controlled by snap-action thermostats from 150°F (66°C) up to 450°F (232°C).
- One grease drawer on 12” 24” 36” models, two grease drawers on 48” models

- Stainless steel front and side
- Supplied with 4”(102 mm) legs that are adjustable up to 1.375” (35 mm)
- 20.7" Cooking depth Independent thermostat every 12"


For over 50 years, MVP Group has provided the foodservice industry with simple, trouble-free performance, exceptional value to quality products. In even the most demanding kitchen environments, you can depend on Sierra for another durable and efficient range of products that will deliver the superior results that your operation needs to succeed.