Hands-Free Manual Foot Pedal Sanitizer Station


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This sturdy all-metal dispenser stand works with most hand sanitizers and can hold a standard 1-gallon or 4L bottle, making them ideal for use in offices, schools, stadiums, shopping malls, gas stations, warehouses, food services facilities, hospitals and more. The base has four drilled holes to secure the stand to the ground.

Features and Benefits

  • Perfect for heavy foot traffic areas
  • Holds close to 4 times more sanitizer then a traditional dispenser
  • Saves time & labor by not having to refill as often
  • Easy replaceable one gallon bottle. No more having to refill a small bottle or the need for an expensive cartridge. When empty, simply remove and replace with a new one gallon bottle
  • Customizable with logo or graphics
  • Aluminum rust resistant
  • UV powder, coated fade resistant
  • Unit can be customized at additional charge