In the aftermath of firefighting operations, ensuring the safety of our
brave firefighters is paramount.

PPE contamination poses a significant threat, with potentially
life-threatening consequences. Our commitment to firefighter safety
drives us to offer innovative solutions.

Introducing STERI-KLEAN™ units: a cutting-edge approach to
equipment maintenance and decontamination. These units go beyond
conventional cleaning methods, providing not only exceptional
cleaning for SCBA packs, masks, and bottles but also guaranteeing
professional disinfection*.

Utilizing EPA/FDA-approved disinfectants and advanced
thermo-mechanical action, STERI-KLEAN™ units effectively
eliminate carcinogens, residues, bacteria, viruses, and
fungi. By implementing this comprehensive solution, we
aim to mitigate the risks faced by firefighters, ensuring
their protection even after leaving the fire ground.

  • Two sizes available to meet your requirements
  • High-quality European design and construction
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • The only machine that not only cleans and decontaminates but also DISINFECTS*
  • Available stand adds storage space and makes loading/unloading easier
  • Equipped with wall secure fastening system for safety

Steri-Klean Stand

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Protect Lives

*Please be aware that while STERI-KLEAN™ has tested and recommends using high-quality, FDA & EPA-approved chemical cleaning agents that are designed to reduce the presence of certain pathogens, we cannot guarantee absolute disinfection. The effectiveness of these agents can vary due to environmental factors, surface material differences, and biofilm presence. Additionally, surfaces may become re-contaminated after treatment. Customers are strongly encouraged to maintain preventive health and safety measures, including regular handwashing and surface cleaning as advised by health authorities. STERI-KLEAN™ disclaims any liability for illnesses, losses, or damages arising from pathogens present after the application of our recommended disinfection process, including any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. For optimal results, we recommend a regular and ongoing cleaning and disinfection schedule, and immediate action in case of recontamination through use in the field, storage, or exposure to contaminated equipment and areas. Please engage with our professionals for personalized advice and effective disinfection strategies tailored to your specific circumstances.